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Stacey Barr
Stacey Barr
Performance Measure Specialist

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Want to Know Which KPIs You Should Use?

Posted about 11 years ago

The most common type of question asked on KPI Library (in the Answers section) is “What are the KPIs for XXX?”

What XXX stands for is a position or business or function, like Maintenance Manager, or Bakery or Web Development Team.

You won’t get a lot of good answers to questions like these, because there’s something VERY important that’s missing from your question: the performance results that matter for your position, business or function.

Key Performance indicators are evidence of how well a particular performance result is being achieved. There is no single correct set of KPIs for any specific position, business or function, because it depends on the business strategy and priorities that you have (and this varies from business to business, or organisation to organisation).

So if you do want some help with which KPIs might be useful for your position, business or function, you’ll get a much better response to your KPI Library question if you tell us what performance results are important for that position, business or function.

Let’s look at some examples.

If you want KPIs for a Maintenance Manager, tell us what performance results are important for that position to be accountable for, such as “maintenance costs are well managed” or “maintenance processes are safe” or “maintenance doesn’t interfere with operations”.

If you want KPIs for a Bakery, tell us what your business priorities are right now, such as “meeting demand for specific products” or “increasing customer loyalty” or “meeting hygiene regulations”.

If you want KPIs for a Web Development Team, tell us what their outputs and processes are that need to be improved, such as “usability of webpages” or “response time for content updates” or “search engine optimisation”.

Get better responses to your KPI Library questions.

You’ll notice that there are hundreds of KPIs in KPI Library, for different functions and industries. Obviously you don’t want to adopt every one of them that relates to your situation.

So the clearer you are about the performance results that matter to you right now, and the more specifically you articulate these results in your KPI Library Question, the more answers you’ll get, and the more useful those answers will be for you!


Stacey Barr is a specialist in organisational performance measurement, helping corporate planners, business analysts and performance measurement officers confidently facilitate their organisation to create and use meaningful performance measures with lots of buy-in. Sign up for Stacey’s free email tips at and receive a complimentary copy of her renowned e-book “202 Tips for Performance Measurement”.

Comments (4)

nadia musa
nadia musa
governance manager at commercial bank of qatar

Very good article and comments.
I have found that some of the companies I have worked for go on a mission and put KPI’s for employees and departments without knowing what the strategy or objectives of top management is or what the department is supposed to have achieved.

Posted about 11 years ago | permalink
Fathy Ahmed
Fathy Ahmed
Human Resource Manager at El Sewedy

Thanks a lot for your advice
I think u give us the way to how I looking for KPI

Posted about 11 years ago | permalink

Makes absolute sense if you want to do the right things which should be our intent.

Posted about 11 years ago | permalink
Saranya Vijayan
Saranya Vijayan
Trainee Quality Assurance at S4Carlisle Publishing Services Pvt.Ltd

THANX FOR SUCH A GOOD the simpler way set a goal (target)for your organization or department ,mark out some key aspects which is important to achieve that goal and it should be measurable,so that your performance will have a check.these aspects are nothing but KPI’s for your organization for that particular goal (target).hope i am right with my simplified explanation..comments are welcome

Posted over 10 years ago | permalink

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