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Klaasjan Doeswijk
Klaasjan Doeswijk

Why time stamping is key for analytical and tactical reports and dashboards

Posted over 8 years ago

Daniel Senter recently published an article on the Process Excellence Network clarifying the difference between operational versus tactical and analytical reporting. And that it is time for Business Intelligence managers to understand the difference so they can help organizations/ the business to decide on the type of reporting needed and how the information is to be used to determine data refresh frequencies, metrics for analysis and reporting type. The title of his article is therefore ‘If you want real time dashboards? Make sure you know when to use them’.

I do like his article and very much appreciate his outspoken vision. Because I see this happening out in the field. BI managers, operational managers and all other sort of managers willing to see everything, at any time without asking themselves what information they really need to steer their business. Therefore our partnership with KPI Library is so great!

The Management and technology consultants BearingPoint and KPI Library, IT performance management experts work together to implement solid KPI (Key Performance Indicator frameworks including state of the art dashboards. Visualizing business performance on tablets and smartphones living up to the manager’s expectations.

We think that Business intelligence has failed in the last 20 years because of time inefficiency and data errors. It is unacceptable for any business executive that it takes days before a data analyst can deliver key information about the business. Also it is unacceptable that the most commonly used tool is a spreadsheet, at risk of human errors, filled with manipulated data. Nowadays business executives need to be able to access key business metrics in real time. Updated every day, without human interference. Visualized according to best practices and accessible at any time with any internet connected device: smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

KPI Library delivers the following solution: a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to create online dashboard, scorecard and mobile reporting solution to report on key business metrics or key performance indicators. It delivers the tools that help business executives to make the right decisions based on real-time facts and trends. Besides it can collect data from any source (any input) and it can display the dashboard on any device the ‘Trends & Analytics’ part is a really important distinguishing factor. The collected data is stored and retained in the cloud, allowing for trend analysis. This ‘time stamping’ is key for those managers who whould like to use analytical/tactical reports to look at trends and changes in data over past days, weeks, months and years.

Furthermore with KPI Library you can set up your own formulas for cross-data-source calculations and/or deploy out-of-the-box analytics for predictive analysis.

So in short: Powerful dashboards and scorecards on any device. For more information just send an email to:

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